Terms & Conditions

We provide general pre-project advice and shall provide a written fixed fee quotation without charge upon request.

We offer a free consultation meeting at our offices.

There shall be no up-front fees to pay before your site visit.

Stage 1 – The Site Survey:
We visit you at your property to survey it and discuss your requirements.

Stage 2 – Production of Drawings and Collection of Fees:
We create the first draft of your existing and proposed general arrangements. Normally this takes 1-2 weeks.
We send these to you by email for your review. At this point we issue our Invoice to be paid within the following 5 working days. * If a package price has been agreed, you will be invoiced for this full amount at the planning stage.
*If the Planning Drawings fees are not cleared in full within the allotted time scale we shall start the overdue Invoice process which, after 30 days, includes the debt recovery system. Should a client wish to cancel their project, a standard fee of £200.00 for the site visit and measured survey will still be payable. Should a client cancel their project once drawings have been produced, a minimum standard fee of £500.00 for the site visit, measured survey and production of the floor plans and elevations shall still be payable in full within 14 days of notice of cancellation of your project.

Stage 3 – Development of Proposed Arrangement:
Once we are in receipt of your fees we quickly move on to finalise your drawings. These drawings can be modified as many times as necessary to progress to the final layout.

Stage 4 – Submission to Planning:
Once you are happy with your drawings we will submit for planning permission and act as your planning agent. Any fees for planning permission will be made directly to your local council and are not included in our fee. You will be provided with instructions of how to make this payment. We can make any amendments necessary to get your project through planning as part of the price.

Stage 5 – Building Regulations:
Building regulations (including steel beam design) fees are collected up front before the work can commence.

Stage 6 – Building Control
Full Plans Submission – if full plans are required, we can submit your building regulations drawings and deal directly with building control as your agent to ensure compliance. There shall be no fees for changes to a scheme to satisfy the requirements of Building Control during their plan check process.

Building Notice – If instructed to do so, we will submit your building notice. It is usual for your builder to arrange with the building control officer when the site visits will take place.

1. Once approval is gained for planning you will receive 2 x copies at A1 of your drawings in the post. Additional copies are charged at £20 per set.

2. Building Regulation Full Plans Submission – 2 x copies at A1 are posted to you once approval is gained.

3. Additional copies are charged at £20 per set.

4. Additional Site Visits – Should a further site visit be requested by yourself or by the Authorities, a fee will apply and be agreed beforehand.

5. The planning package fee includes everything stated in the T&C’s up to your receipt of the planning decision documents and the printed drawings. Should you wish to make changes to your plans after a decision is reached, a fee of £75-200 will be applicable and agreed beforehand. This fee will include the re-submission to planning if required.

6. If building regulations drawings have already been produced, there will be a fee of £75-200 to amend them to suit the new plans.

7. We reserve the right to amend a quote if the project does not reflect the initial description given before the site visit.

8. Standard fees  must be paid before we can proceed with planning applications. Standard fees  must be paid upon instruction to proceed with building regulations packages.

9. Payment can be made by BAC’s. Alternative payment can be made by cheque which should be made payable to Extension Drawing Services Ltd.

10. If a client makes the decision to withdraw a planning application, they are still bound to the original contract and payment of such. No refund is due.